Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not addressed here, please feel free to ask us on our "Contact Us" page.

We are a service that utilizes today’s technology to enable you to upload and store any digital content (i.e. text, audio, video, etc.) in a Digital Time Capsule, to be delivered on a scheduled date in the future.  Learn more by going to our “How it Works” page.

A Digital Time Capsule is a personalized storage unit that can be filled with all kinds of digital files.  It is then securely stored by us using  the latest 256-bit SSL encryption technology and can only be opened by the designated Recipient (Beneficiary) on a specified date set by you.

Not at all.  You can add items to any capsule right up until the day that it is scheduled to be delivered.  Consider each one as a “Work in progress”, so don’t feel pressure to “complete” each one right away.

A Recipient is a person that you designate to receive one or more of your Digital Time Capsules.  Within the site, you will also see the term “Beneficiary” used in place of “Recipient”.  They are interchangeable.

The only people who can see the contents of any of your Digital Time Capsules are you (prior to delivery) and eventually the Recipient (at the time of delivery).  All capsules are stored securely and cannot be seen by anyone else, including HearFromMe and your Trustees.

Yes.  You will have complete access to your own private, secure site.  From there you can add content, delete files from a Digital Time Capsule, and change the delivery date of your capsule.

Yes.  Included in your purchase is access to our Resource Center.  Within our Resource Center you will find message samples along with guidelines on how to write a message to a specific audience.  We also offer spreadsheets and checklists to make it easy for you to remember what documents and other information you may want to include.  Our Resource Center will be ever-growing.  We encourage our users to submit messages to help others in the creation process.

When you create your capsules you will be asked to designate one or more Trustees of your account – someone close to you such as a trusted friend or loved one.  This person will log in to HearFromMe as a Trustee and go through the easy-to-follow steps to notify us of your passing so that your capsules can be delivered as you wish.

A Trustee is a person you designate to act on your behalf in the event that you cannot, to ensure that your Digital Time Capsules are delivered.  You may want to choose a close friend or family member.  To further ensure proper delivery of your capsules, consider the age of the Trustees you choose.  We recommend having multiple Trustees.  Trustees cannot view the contents of any Digital Time Capsule.

You have complete control over all contact information for your beneficiaries/recipients.  Your Trustee(s) will be able to update recipient contact information on your behalf if you are not able to do so.  Trustees can also enter dates of delivery for capsules associated with events that did not have a known date at the time they were created (i.e. wedding date, birth of a child, graduation, etc.).  This is why we recommend multiple trustees.

Yes.  Digital Time Capsules from HearFromMe make a great gift.  Just go to the “Give as a Gift” icon at the top of any page.  For pricing and features of each package, please visit our “Pricing” page.

We offer several packages at various price points.  The one-time cost ranges from $30.00 to $180.00 based on the number of Digital Time Capsules purchased.  Additional capsules can be added at any time for a small fee…otherwise, there are no additional or recurring fees.  All pricing information can be found on the “Pricing” page of  If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Our focus is to ensure that all messages that are stored in our Digital Time Capsules are delivered to the intended recipient on the intended date.  Our organization’s experience, coupled with our state-of-the-art technology virtually guarantees that this can, and more importantly, will happen.  You can rest assured that your precious memories will be delivered to your loved ones.

Our application and data are stored in a Tier one Amazon hosting facility with an uptime record of over 99.9%.  Our technology uses the latest standards including 256-bit SSL encryption, a platform that can scale with volume, and processes in place that update all file formats to the latest standards so they will be accessible even if they are delivered 25 years in the future.