How HearFromMe Has Been Used


Peace of Mind

“I recently started writing a journal for each of my three children.  My intention was to have it given to them after I am gone so that they could relive all of our wonderful experiences and be able to see how I see them, and most of all, how much I adore all three of them.  I started to worry about it getting lost or damaged and therefore not getting delivered to them when I wanted it to be.  A friend told me about HearFromMe.  I checked it out and realized that it is the perfect solution.  Now I write all of my journal entries and load them into Digital Time Capsules that will be delivered at the appropriate time to all three of my kids.  I am so relieved that I no longer have to worry about them not getting their journal.”

-Sara K., 29 years old
Mother of three small children

Something I just had to do

“5 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer.  The first thing that I thought about was my two daughters.  I was devastated when I thought about them growing up without a father.  Not too long ago, a friend told me about HearFromMe and I knew it was something that I had to do.  At first I struggled with expressing myself but the HearFromMe Resource Center really helped me with that.  Now, no matter what happens, I know that I will be there for them on every special occasion.  I have created Digital Time Capsules for all of their major life moments like graduations, birthdays, and weddings.  I am comforted by the awareness that they will know how much I love them even if I can’t be there in person.”

-Richard G., 43 years old
Father of two


Two soccer players challenging for the ball, low angle view

The greatest gift I’ve ever received

“My Dad died a few years ago and my family was devastated. I was in my last year of high school and I almost dropped out. I’ve been playing soccer since I was a kid and my Dad was my biggest fan and my coach. He helped me get a soccer scholarship and it’s because we both worked so hard that I had the strength to go away to school. On the day I graduated from college, I got a Digital Time Capsule from my Dad. There was a video message from my Dad telling me how proud he was of me. Being able to see his face and hear his voice again was so comforting. I think I had forgotten what he sounded like. It was the greatest graduation gift that I could have ever received.”


- Matthew
22 years old

A great way to say “Thanks!”

 “My first year in the classroom was an immeasurable experience. Teaching Kindergarten can be pretty overwhelming, but my students were the angels that I needed when I began my teaching journey. I tried my best to capture moments that made that first year remarkable. I kept pictures of so much; from our official class photo, to my classroom library, to their Christmas art projects, and their graduation to first grade. I am using HearFromMe digital time capsules to send a photo collage of those moments to my students as a surprise when they graduate from high school. Those first students set the tone of my career and cemented my love of teaching. This is my way of saying Thank you.” 

- Kristen
Elementary School Teacher



Warm Memories

“My three children and five grandchildren have brought me so much joy and I have come to the realization that my remaining time with them is limited. Over the years, I have made mental notes of the dreams and hopes that I have for them after I am gone.  I have decided to invest in several Digital Time Capsules from HearFromMe in order to record and share these thoughts with them through video messages that will be delivered to them at the appropriate times.  I am so thankful that a service like this exists so I can preserve my legacy for my children and precious grandchildren who make me so proud”

-Anthony, 67 years old
Father and Grandfather

Other Ways that HearFromMe is being used

  • Recognize special/milestone birthdays – Michael D. Created a Digital Time Capsule to be delivered on his granddaughter’s “Sweet 16”.
  • Weddings/Anniversaries – Donna A. created a Digital Time Capsule to be delivered to her husband on their 50th anniversary.
  • Document your child's formative years - Jean R. is filling a Digital Time Capsule with all of her son's elementary school pictures, videos of events, class work, report cards and refrigerator art.  She is sending it to him on his graduation day.
  • Graduations - Ronald M. scheduled a Digital Time Capsule to be delivered when his twin grandsons graduate from high school and another for college.
  • Reunions – A member of Palm Beach Gardens High School Class of '86 recently began to fill a group Digital Time Capsule to be delivered to her classmates before their 30th reunion.
  • Final legacy and goodbyes – Paul H. set up multiple Digital Time Capsules for his entire family to be delivered upon his passing.
  • Scrapbooks - Monica L. is saving all of her scrapbooks into Digital Time Capsules and sending them to her loved ones on the anniversary of the event that each scrapbook commemorates.
  • Keep and share a "Bucket List" - Mitchel D. has created a "Bucket List" that he is updating.  He is having it sent to all of his family members with a challenge to complete the remaining items.
  • Account information – Nancy J. created a Digital Time Capsule that included all of her account information as well as her on-line user names and passwords so her family won't need to search for them.
  • Send your voice – Eric B. used HearFromMe to have videos of himself sent to his kids and grandkids on special occasions. The memory of a person’s voice fades first. Eric’s family will always be able to remember his, thanks to his Digital Time Capsules.
  • Read stories for grandchildren – Elizabeth S. used her Digital Time Capsules to read bedtime stories for her grandchildren in case she can’t be here to do it in person.
  • Digital journal – Michelle & Patrick R. are using their Digital Time Capsule to document their pregnancy and then have it delivered to their currently unborn child when he or she turns 18.
  • Simple instruction/how to’s – James T. compiled a list of things that are commonly forgotten. Simple things like how to set the sprinklers, how to change the A/C filters, etc. that can be delivered to his family so that they have one less thing to worry about.