About Us

About Us

At HearFromMe.com our mission is to provide a means for individuals to remember the past and preserve it for the future.  Through the creation of Digital Time Capsules individuals are able to share, with current and future generations, their most cherished memories by uploading video, audio, photographs, and much more, all to be delivered at a specific time in the future.  The uses for a Digital Time Capsule are varied and numerous.  

Our Company

HearFromMe, headquartered in Maitland, FL was created by a wide range of professionals that have actively built and maintained numerous businesses for over 40 years.  Our founder, who conceived the idea out of a personal tragedy, started his first business in 1976 which is still operating today.  He also started 2 other businesses that are in operation after more than 25 years.  Our Board of Directors includes: psychologists, technologists, marketing experts, business owners, and entrepreneurs.  Our team of psychologists helped create the site from concept to implementation and provided materials to help you with the creation of your Digital Time Capsules.  

Why we founded HearFromMe

Out of a tragedy came an idea. When the founder of HearFromMe was 35 years old his wife died and his young children were left without their mother.  Over time the memory of voices fade, pictures are two dimensional, and new events replace the past.  HearFromMe is designed to keep those kinds of memories from ever fading, and allows for the memories to be easily communicated with future generations as well. The mission of HearFromMe rises from this experience and the technology now exists that allows for the presentation of voice, video, photographs and text to be delivered at times in the future.


Our application and data are stored in a Tier one Amazon hosting facility with an uptime record of over 99.9%.  Our technology uses the latest standards including 256-bit SSL encryption, a platform that can scale with volume, and processes in place that update all file formats to the latest standards so they will be accessible even if they are delivered 25 years in the future.  

Our Promise

Our focus is to ensure that all messages that are stored in our Digital Time Capsules are delivered to the intended receiver on the intended date.  Our experiences coupled with the technology now available to us virtually guarantee that this can and more importantly, will happen.  You can rest assured that your precious memories will be delivered to your loved ones. If you have any questions or concerns that are not covered here, in our “How It Works” section or our “FAQ” section, please contact me directly.  I will be happy to assist you in preserving your memories for generations to come.  

Wayne Bannatyne :: V.P. Customer Relations

500 Winderley Place,   Maitland, FL 32751   Ph: 407.659.3578